The Laurel Bank Tea Room menu is under development, but here is a snapshot of the tasty snacks and light lunches you can get during the week. 

In addition there is a specials board, updated daily, with some extra dishes available on Friday and Saturday nights.

SPECIALS (typical)

Black pudding and beetroot salad                      5.25

Prawn cocktail                                                   5.25


Thai chicken curry with rice                               9.50

Coronation chicken with rice and naan              9.50

Mushroom Stroganoff with rice                          9.50

Macaroni cheese with garlic bread                     7.50

Prawn cocktail salad                                          9.50


Ginger cheesecake                                             4.95

White chocolate cheesecake                              4.95

Rhubarb and ginger fool 


Bacon roll                                                        2.90

Black pudding roll                                           2.90

BLT                                                                  3.30

Beans on toast                                                 2.50


Soup of the day with a roll                              3.75

Soup of the day with a cheese scone               5.25

½ soup ½ sandwich                                         4.20

Sandwiches/toasties                                        4.75

Baked potato                                                   5.50


Fillings: tuna mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise, ham, pickle, cheese, 

tomato, roast beef, horseradish, onion, coleslaw


Ploughman’s                                                   7.25

(cheddar, brie, salad, pickled onion, 

Branston’s Pickle, coleslaw and crusty bread)


Ham salad                                                       7.25


Selection of traybakes                                     from 1.75

Selection of cakes                                           from 2.30

Selection of scones with butter and jam         1.80

Scone with jam and cream                              2.40

Shortbread biscuits                                             60p